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The Convict Ship Royal Admiral.
Births on the Royal Admiral.
Other Children of the Royal Admiral.

The Royal Admiral left England for Port Jackson on 30 May 1792. She was carrying both men and women convicts, along with soliders who formed part of the NSW Corps. Also on board were the first of convict wives to travel to a new life in Australia with their husbands and a few government contracters.

The first of the female convicts boarded at Gravesend. on 4 May 1792, with the last of the female convicts on the 13 May 1792. A total of 49 women convicts embarked on the Royal Admiral with 2 deaths - Sarah Thomas and Mary Springate - thus 47 disembarked at Sydney Cove (The Convict Ships 1787 - 1868, Charles Bateson). Whilst the log notes 51 female convicts embarking the ship at Gravesends from 4 May to 13 May 13. The log records 297 male convicts embarking on the Ship all at Gravesend.

Passengers on the Royal Admiral as noted in the log: 10 May Gravesend 3 women along with 2 children. 14 May Gravesend 1 woman. May 24 St Helena 3 men, 3 women and 2 children. Among them were -Mr and Mrs John Jamieson - Superintendent of Convicts. Mr and Mrs Peat - Master Carpenter.Thomas Allen - Master Miller. Both Peat and Allen had signed agreements to work in the Colonies, these been signed on 14 May 1792. The Captain did not record the number of exact children as research has shown that there were possible 5 children who boarded the Royal Admiral in England. Even the number of women (free, convict's wives and convicts) show inconsistency.

The Royal Admiral arrived on its maiden to Australian on Sunday October 7 1792, landing the first of her convicts on the following day. There a total of 47 or 49 female convict aboard when arriving at Sydney Cove. When the ship arrived with many suffering from fever and there many deaths during the voyage and also whilst docked in Sydney Cove. There were five babies born on the voyage to Australia. This includes Eleanor Springate who was born on board the Royal admiral whilst she was docked in Port Jackson. The first four babies were baptised during the voyage. Five children have landed sick with fever. (Phillip to Dundas HRNSW).

1. Charlotte Loveridge.
2. Female Loveridge.
3. David Thomas.
4. Stillborn infant - Mathews.
5. Eleanor Springate.

1. Charlotte Loveridge b. Tuesday 26 June 1792, Lat 11.36N Long 8.21W, Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. Mother was Mary Loveridge Convict. Charlotte's mother Mary Loveridge married Thomas Dargin (seaman of the Royal Admiral, so Charlotte became part of the Dargin family at Windsor. However it seems that she never used the surname Dargin. In 1814 muster gives us Charlotte Leveridge [sic] born in Colony, 2 children off stores, living in Sydney ( Bertha Maria born 15 March 1810 Sydney and Thriza Mahala Loveridge born 27 May 1814 Sydney). Charlotte at the expense of the crown travelled to VDL on board the brig "Emu" departing Sydney 18 July 1815. She was accompanied by one child - Thriza. Her first child Bertha now aged 5 years was at the Parramatta Orphan School from which she was apprenticed by Mrs Jenkins in 1822.Why didn't Charlotte leave her eldest child - Bertha - with her mother Mary Dargin who was living at Mulgrave Place Green Hills Windsor? Charlotte and baby Thriza settled in VDL. Charlotte married Richard Burrows 20 Janurary 1817 Hobart Town giving her age as 22 years and raised her new family.

2. Female Loveridge. b. 3 September 1792, Lat 38.50S Long. 29.56E, South Alantic Ocean. Mother was Priscilla Loveridge Convict. No record of this child could be found in the colonies.

3. David Thomas b.6 September 1792, Lat 40S Long 75.12E. Mother was Sarah Thomas Convict. David Thomas died 25 September 1792. Lat 43.54S Long 125.32E Great Australia Bight. Infant David would have been care for by other women convicts as his Mother died 18 September 1792, Lat 41.30S Long 92.12E.

4. Stillborn infant (sex unknown) b. Sept 19 1792 . Baptised and buried at Sea. Lat 41.39E Long 95.23E. Mother was Elizabeth Mathews Convict. All Children born on board were baptised by Captain Bond on 19 September 1792.

5. Eleanor Springate b. Wednesday 10 October 1792, on board ship was docked in Port Jackson. Mother was Mary Springate Convict, Father William. This birth was not mentioned in the Log of the Royal Admiral however the death of Mother Mary does appear in the Log. Mary Springate d. 12 October 1792 on board the Royal Admiral. Eleanor Springate was baptised Sunday 14 October 1792 and died 19 October 1792 at Sydney Cove..

1. James Ezzy.
2. Louisa Ezzy.
3. Johnson Jamieson.
4. Phillip Jamieson.
5. Mary Peat.
6. Ann Vales.
7. Sarah Vales.
8. Thomas Whittle.
9. George Whittle.
10. William Whittle.

1. James Ezzy b. C.1790 England. Father Convict William Ezzy. Mother Jane Ezzy (free).

2. Louisa Ezzy b. 8 Janurary 1792 Southwark England. Baptised 14 October 1792 Sydney Cove, why wasn't she baptised on the voyage - 19 September 1792- with all other children? Louisa's life was short in the colonies, she was buried on Thursday 15 November 1792 being 9 months old at Sydney Cove. Father Convict William Ezzy. Mother Jane Ezzy (free). Both James and Louisa were recorded as convict children even though their mother Jane was Free. Where William and Jane allowed to mix on the voyage to Australia or did he have to wait until their arrival to see his daughter Louisa for the first time?

3. Johnson Jamieson b. Scotland. Father John Jamieson Superintendent of Convicts and his wife Mary, both who were on the Royal Admiral.

4. Phillip Jamieson b. Scotland, d. 1868 Goulburn (possible).Father John Jamieson Superintendent of Convicts and his wife Mary, both who were on the Royal Admiral.

5. Mary Peat b.England c.1790, she was the eldest child of William and Phoebe Peat (both free). Mary lost her Mother 2 months after they arrived at Port Jackson. Mary married Lawrence Brady 31 August 1803 St Johns Parramatta. Mary's brother William was born 10 October 1792 Sydney Cove three days after the arrival of the Royal Admiral, baptised 2 November 1792 Parramatta, but died 3 November 1792 at Parramatta.

6. Ann Vales b. Somerset England. Died 9 December 1792 Sydney Cove. Father Nicholas Vales and Mother Ann Vales, both convicts of the Royal Admiral.

7. Sarah Vales b. Somerset, buried 11 Janurary 1793 Sydney Cove. Father Nicholas Vales and Mother Ann Vales, both convicts of the Royal Admiral.

8. Thomas Whittle b. 1781/4 England. Father Thomas Whittle Serj Major of the NSW Corps, Mother Elizabeth. Both of the Royal Admiral.Thomas Jnr enlisted in the Corps 14 Janurary 1793 in Sydney being listed a Corporal in 1808 aged 23.11 years. Noted as Thomas Whitney, 47 years old in the 1828 Census.

9. George Whittle b. England. Father Thomas Whittle Serj Major of the NSW Corps, Mother Elizabeth. Both of the Royal Admiral.George also enlisted in the NSW Corp as like his brother Thomas. George enlisted 16 September 1796 at Sydney. His rank was noted as drummer in 1808 being 16.7 yrs.

10. William Whittle b. England. Father Thomas Whittle Serj Major of the NSW Corps, Mother Elizabeth. Both of the Royal Admiral.

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